#fbf to those times I met Blake Shelton. I have the BEST stories and memories because of his great sense of humor! 😍 . . . #humorisimportant #concert #blakeshelton #countrymusic #adventures



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  • @beauty_momma_17 3 days ago

    Blake’s ear is erased this is fake lol

  • @cori.pasco 3 days ago

    @beauty_momma_17 you're wrong and why would I fake it? This was in Raleigh about 10 years ago when he opened for Rascal Flatts.

  • @cori.pasco 3 days ago

    @beauty_momma_17 the second picture was also taken in Raleigh about 3 years after when he opened for George Strait. I got us meet and greets through his fan club both times. This was before he was famous for The Voice.